Welcome to the Center for Health & Nutrition Research (CHNR) website.

The primary mission of the Center for Health and Nutrition Research (CHNR) is to enhance the ability of California researchers to investigate relationships between food components and human health and wellness. CHNR researchers use biology-based approaches to investigate how nutrients and combinations of nutrients in whole foods can act to reduce the risk for chronic diseases, focusing on food-derived micronutrients, phytochemicals and bioactive food constituents. Our goal is to promote health by identifying the roles of fruits, vegetables and nuts in providing vitamins and other phytochemicals that can lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. As examples, recent CHNR research projects have been aimed at assessing the impact of diets that are rich in plant-based flavonoids during pregnancy, the effects of combining walnuts and fish on coronary heart disease risks and the effects of almond consumption on cardiovascular disease prevention, as well as assessing the safety and modes of actions of specific biofactors. An important component is also the design of education programs focused on improving health.

CHNR was established in part by funds from the Vitamin Case Consumer Settlement Fund, which came from funds paid to settle the State of California’s anti-trust lawsuit over price fixing by six vitamin manufacturers that controlled 80 percent of the world´s vitamin market. Our mission continues through generous support of our donors and partners in industry.